Attendance Policy

Being a new and relatively small group of people, we do not have a strict attendance policy as of now.
According to us, attendance to events is not a major issue, but contributing to the club is. We take a member's contributions very seriously and evaluate a member's activities in the club on the basis of his/her contributions only.
As a matter of fact, we do mantain a record of members attending Ink. events, which include Ink. Tanks, Ink. Things, Ink. Outs and Cultural/Tech-Fest events.


The Club usually has an approved budget of ~Rs. 30,000 for an academic year, which is mainly distributed for Designing events like Ink. Tanks and Ink. Things.

  • The budget includes prizes for Ink. Tank winners (worth Rs. 2500) and gifts for active Ink. Thing participants.
  • The budget also includes perks for Ink. members in the form of Ink. Laptop Stickers.
  • A part of it is also spent on Art Gallery trips and inviting special guests for talks and sessions.


  • We keep a track of our expenditure throughout the year.
  • Budget saved over a semester is carried forward to the next one.
  • Expenditure mentioned in this sheet have been verified by the IIIT-Delhi Accounts Section.

Events Log

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